$99 Gas or Electric Furnace Tune-Up Special!

Don’t wait until the weather turns frigid to realize that your furnace is not working properly. Regular furnace service and tune-ups are crucial to ensure that your furnace runs the way it should, when it should. HARP’s experienced team of Certified Heating Technicians in CT are here to help keep you and your loved ones stay warm during those bitter Connecticut winters by offering a full range of heating services in CT. With HARP, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your furnace is operating at optimal performance when that first deep freeze hits New England.

Why Maintain Your Furnace?

One of the leading ways to reduce a furnace breakdown is to schedule a yearly tune-up for your unit. Just like your vehicle, the life of a furnace will be extended with preventative maintenance. Failing to maintain your furnace can lead to minor problems that often become serious. Furnace repairs can be costly, so we advise all our customers to address these small problems immediately rather than have to fix major problems down the road.

If your furnace is not properly maintained, many serious problems can arise. For example, if soot is allowed to buildup, it can spread through your home’s ventilation system and lead to respiratory problems. If there is faulty or damaged wiring in an electric unit, it can result in a house fire. Furnaces that have not been cleaned or maintained will have to work harder and use more power. We all know that more power means more money wasted.

Leave it to HARP, a professional and experienced HVAC Company in CT, to get the job done right the first time. You can avoid eventual loss of heat during the winter and high cost repairs by scheduling an annual furnace tune-up. We understand that people get busy and forget to schedule maintenance and we have a solution for that as well. HARP provides Connecticut residents with convenient service contracts so that furnace tune-ups and other maintenance services are automatic.

With your $99 Gas or Electric Furnace Tune-Up, You’ll Receive:

  • Full Inspection. Our services include a full visual and point review to check all the working parts of your furnace and duct system. One of HARP’s experienced service technicians will be able to identify any concerns or signs of excessive wear during this review.
  • Mechanical equipment needs lubrication to prevent friction between the operating parts. Your equipment tune-up will include a complete lubrication.
  • Pilot & Gas Pressure Evaluation. As part of your tune-up, adjustments will be made to the pilot and gas pressure as needed to return these elements to manufacturer specifications.
  • Filter Replacement. Our comprehensive furnace tune-ups should include a standard filter replacement with your service. Most furnace filters need to be changed at least every 3 months, which can improve efficiency and prevent operational complications.
  • Written Assessment. We will give you an nalysis in writing with your tune-up, including our professional maintenance suggestions for the next year. This important information can help you determine the current condition of your furnace and outline ways to lower your energy bills.

Offer Expires October 31, 2017!

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