Your Guide to Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

Posted by Will Housh on May 10

It may happen to you at some point this summer – your air conditioner quits working. Or maybe it’s still running, but you’re feeling no cool air indoors.

No air conditioning on the hottest of days can incite a panic in homeowners, but try to keep your cool. Emergency air conditioner repairs can be performed quickly, to restore your indoor comfort. If your air conditioner stops cooling, follow this guide for emergency air conditioning repairs.

Step 1: Try Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Did you know that sometimes, what we assume to be a serious emergency air conditioner repair can actually be solved with some simple troubleshooting?

Cooling system issues may seem like an emergency, especially if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of HVAC equipment. Cooling system troubleshooting steps can be performed by most any homeowner – sometimes, your emergency air conditioner repairs may be solved with the flip of a switch or a filter change.

Before calling a technician for emergency air conditioner repairs, check out our Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide. These fixes could restore cooling sooner and save you an expensive emergency repair bill.

Step 2: Shut Down Your System

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, or is experiencing another performance issue, shut it off. Don’t continue to operate a malfunctioning air conditioner, as that may worsen the problem at hand. This is one reason we do preventative maintenance checks pre-season – a technician identifies and corrects problems, so you don’t run your system with faulty components, causing more damage.

Shut your air conditioner down when performance issues arise. These include lack of cooling, no airflow, sudden system noises, or even outrageous energy bills. Shutting the system down will prevent further damage. Operating your system with performance issues could exacerbate the problem, even wrecking your system beyond repair.

Step 3: Call for Emergency Air Conditioner Repairs

If troubleshooting the system doesn’t work, shut down your air conditioner and call a trusted HVAC contractor. Most cooling companies offer emergency repair service, and can dispatch a technician to solve your air conditioner issues quickly. An after-hours service call will likely cost you a premium – some homeowners may choose to wait until the next available service time to avoid the cost. This isn’t always an option when outdoor temperatures are soaring and your home is heating up.

Find an Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Company

Find an emergency air conditioning repair technician quickly, using the online contractor directory. Search by ZIP code to find HVAC contractors in your area. Look for the Certified Contractor seal, which shows you this company has met’s strict standards for quality workmanship and customer service.


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